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Value Selling is a sales process that focuses buyers on the high returns they’ll receive rather than getting a low purchase price.  Considered an enhancement to the Solution Selling and Consultative Selling processes, the value selling style is most useful when products or services need to be sold at above-average or premium prices.

It has been said that “people buy emotionally, then justify it logically.”  A value selling process quickly pinpoints and quantifies tangible and emotional benefits and uses these to leverage sales.

Due to the World Wide Web, information on just about any product or service is available in just seconds!  Historically, salespeople educated their customers, matching customer needs with products and services sold and then closing the sale.  Now, it is not uncommon for potential customers to have done their homework online and shop for the solution they’ve already picked!  This very phenomenon prompted a well-respected sales research firm to write an article “Solution Selling is Dead!”  Clearly, new technologies and societal norms demand an updated sales approach.

When people shop, they often shop for the lowest price.  If you’re NOT the low-priced vendor, you have a higher risk of losing the sale.  That’s where value selling comes in.  The focus of the value selling approach  is to justify higher prices based on compelling benefits and financial returns.  And these benefits will differ based on the individual customer’s values, ideals, perceptions and environments.


Value Selling vs. Solution Selling

Solution Selling embraces some great sales philosophies initially developed in the 1970s.   Although some concepts have become dated, others are still viable and robust.  Our Value Selling programs capitalize on the strengths of sales philosophies like Solution Selling and Consultative Selling, yet provide superior tools for selling products and services at average-to-premium prices.  Indeed, low-priced vendors are not as likely to benefit from this type of program and investment.


Value Selling Helps

  • Educate and re-orient clients that claim price is their most important buying criteria
  • Overcome client attempts at negotiating the deal, including “platform negotiating,” “nibbles” and “walk-aways”
  • Get access to decision makers or higher-level executives
  • Consistently beat tough competitors
  • Overcome misconceptions about product/service cost versus long-term value


Questions Trained “Value Sellers” Ask

  •  What are the key things you value about this type of solution?
  • How will this make money for your firm?
  • What things could go wrong that may prevent you from getting the return you’re hoping for?
  • What are your specific criteria for buying this?
  • Are you focused on the initial cost or the long-term costs and benefits?
  • How much value do you place on (service, reliability, maintenance, upgrade-ability)?

The Sales Alliance’s value selling process equips salespeople with tools, customized for their type of sale, to justify purchases based on benefits.

Our Value Selling Courses Include


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