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Sales Motivation


Ten Tips for Motivating your Sales Team


For more methods to motivate your team, see our Sales Compensation Programs and Sales Improvement Model.
1 – Work on your own personal motivation.  Energetic and upbeat sales managers are able to spread their enthusiasm, instill superior sales motivation and dispel most forms of negativity.


2 – Begin and end meetings on a positive note with words of encouragement.  All too often, meetings are routine and lack the positivity detract from sales motivation.


3 – Develop spiffs or other incentives to boost sales of high-value products and services.  It is said that salespeople are “coin operated.”  Using incentives to reinforce ideal sales behaviors is often money well spent!


4 – Add creative, motivational components to team meetings (e.g. contests, guest speakers).


5 – Look for ways to leverage (and reward) the effectiveness of your high performers such as providing them with administrative or telesales support.


6 – Scrutinize, then streamline, your sales processes.  Salespeople will rejoice when you reduce paperwork !!!


7 – Conduct loss reviews to see why your people lost accounts and to prevent the same things from recurring.  Salespeople are motivated by retaining existing customers and improving their closing ratios.


8 – Find ways to boost salesperson time spent in contact with customers and prospects.  More contact means more sales.  And more sales mean happier salespeople and enhanced sales motivation levels.


9 – Determine what motivates each of your salespeople, then use specific, individualized rewards to positively impact sales behaviors.


10 – Share success stories.  Sales motivation is enhanced when personal accomplishments and others’ successes are recognized.

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