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sales meeting ideas


Ask any salesperson.  A sales meeting can either be a very positive, motivating experience or a boring waste of time!  While many sales managers make a real effort to conduct an effective sales meeting, many meetings still fall short of salespeople’s expectations.  Below are some ideas for revving up each sales meeting:


Sales Meeting Ideas

  1. SET AND PUBLISH AN AGENDA:  Managers have heard this advice before, but it is amazing how many meetings we’ve observed where no agenda existed!
  2. START AND END ON TIME:  Each sales meeting that starts or ends late can erode the manager’s credibility and reduce sales motivation.
  3. KEEP DISCUSSIONS ON TRACK:  Politely direct people to either address the topic at hand or to suggest a new topic to add to the list of “open discussion items.” Discussions that get off track can derail a well-planned sales meeting.
  4. PAY ATTENTION TO SEATING:  If you want to create conflict, let people likely to disagree with each other sit face-to-face where their eyes are in constant contact. To minimize conflict, seat them where face-to-face contact is difficult or not constant.  And be sure to split up friends who have a tendency to chat during a sales meeting.
  5. ASK FOR OPINIONS, BUT LIMIT DISCUSSION:  Soliciting salespeople’s opinions can help everyone feel involved.  However, it is important to establish time limits so that discussions don’t exceed the time allotted on the agenda.


Indeed, planning and conducting a great sales meeting can go a long way towards developing a motivated, winning team.


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