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Sales Coaching Pays Off



Sales Team Coaching Pays Off


Several studies confirm that sales training classes not accompanied by ongoing sales coaching fail to produce lasting results or changes in sales behaviors.  Why?

  1. When salespeople tried a new technique, they often felt awkward.  And the technique may not have worked for them the first or second try.  Consequently, salespeople often “scrapped” the new, unsuccessful sales technique and reverted back to their old methods.
  2. People lose 87% of what they learn just 30 days after training.  Yes, that’s right!  Retention is less than 15% just one month later.

Indeed, if acquiring and applying new sales skills were easy, most salespeople would achieve six figure incomes shortly after sales training, without needing much sales coaching.  The reality, however, is that sales skills must be practiced and applied continually.


oacChing the Coach

Learning sales techniques is like learning a new sport.  Practice and sales coaching lead to long-term results.  A daily commitment to learning, continuous improvement, practice and measuring results are key to success.

Many sales managers have never taken a formal, sales coaching or sales manager training class.  Our Sales Manager Training program has evolved over a 20-year period and has helped over 200 firms significantly boost sales results.  If you’re looking for ways to get long-term performance improvements, this sales manager training course, or any reputable sales coaching system, may be just what you need




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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses