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Key Account Sales Plan Program Description

Great sales techniques and solid relationships don’t necessarily lead to success in key account selling.  Indeed, sales tactics are only as good as the strategies behind them.  If your sales team gets important information late in the sales cycle, receives price objections or experiences stalls, it is likely that you need better sales account planning and key account selling strategies.  Indeed, our expertise in analyzing account situations and implementing successful sales strategies and techniques has helped many of our clients elevate their influence and secure incremental sales. 


Signs That Improved Account Planning Is Needed

  • Salespeople are uncovering critical information well after the sales cycle has begun
  • Sales cycles are long
  • Decision makers are difficult to reach
  • Decision makers are not motivated to spend time with your salespeople
  • Committees and/or purchasing agents are involved in the buying process
  • One or more strong competitors are present
  • The account has made decisions in the past that defy logic
  • There are few, if any, inside “champions” that help salespeople gain information and access
  • The account insists that your firm follow its procurement process
  • Your firm is responding to a number of Request for Proposals (RFPs), but has a low close rate
  • Your salespeople are not financially-justifying their proposed solutions
  • The account had asked for price or other concessions
  • There is no written key account selling plan in place


Key Account Selling Strategy Sessions

We can arrange to review one or several of your key accounts and then conduct a key account sales strategy session with key members of your sales team.  What you’ll get are effective strategies and action items that provide a competitive edge, shorten your sales cycles and boost closing rates.  A number of our clients who have conducted these key account selling sessions have landed multi-million dollar deals!


At The Sales Alliance, we’re adept at helping clients create sales account plans that improve close rates and shorten sales cycles.  Just contact us to see how our highly-effective key account selling programs can benefit you.


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