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Our proprietary Sales Improvement Model has helped us boost the sales of over 250 corporate clients over a 25-year period. For each of the six sales performance elements in this model, The Sales Alliance has a checklist of over 50 sales best practices and sales processes. We use these checklists to assess the sales effectiveness of client firms and to pinpoint areas with the potential to significantly increase revenues and margins. Via our Sales Improvement Program, we apply this model to generate ideas to increase sales.

Although presented in a simple format, this model is quite extensive. The comprehensive version of this model contains over 300 best practices which are backed by research, data and case studies. The six sales performance elements contained in The Sales Alliance Sales Improvement Model are as follows:

 Model for sales improvement


Sales Improvement Model Elements

Starting at the base of the model, the following is a brief explanation of each sales improvement building block used to develop high-performing sales teams:

  1. Implement a complete sales strategy and process. Many companies haven’t defined their sales “best practices” and put them into a step-by-step selling system that produces superior results. While many sales training companies incorporate their wonderful sales processes into their workshops, these generic sales processes have not been proven effective or optimal at the client company. In short, an ineffective or inefficient sales process can lengthen sales cycles, decrease closing rates and result in lower sales. Indeed, expert assistance in creating an optimal sales process is critical to long-term success. And, customized sales process development is one of our most prominent specialties!
  2. Hire the right people capable of performing the sales process. Good sales hires are a huge part of overall sales department performance. Companies often rely heavily on online advertising and personal interviews to get quality people, yet these are two of the least effective methods available. A bad hire can cost millions when opportunity costs are taken into account. Implementing best-practices based screening, interviewing and hiring initiatives may be one of the biggest contributors to sustained revenues and profits. Our sales hiring consulting services are geared to help companies make the right hiring decisions via independent third-party testing. assessments and confirmation of candidate quality.
  3. Optimize motivation and compensation. As the adage goes, “salespeople do what they’re paid to do.” Oftentimes, issues such as lack of prospecting activity can be traced back to ineffective compensation plans (e.g. where new account commissions are not much higher than normal sales commissions). Both monetary and non-monetary motivators, such as recognition and advancement, are key to generating superior sales results. Our sales compensation plan analysis or compensation plan design service helps firms get more results from their current sales staff — a smart way to boost short-term sales!
  4. Provide superior and sales skills and tools. Great skills and effective tools are key to each salesperson’s success. We’ve found that using sales techniques which have not been published or popularized lead to better sales results since people are often turned off by the typical sales hype they hear each day. Our customized sales training classes are designed to use highly-effective, yet non-offensive or readily-identifiable sales techniques.
  5. Coach for performance. All successful athletes have coaches. Likewise, training and coaching are not one-time activities, they’re ongoing. The fact is that companies who regularly coach their salespeople typically have superior ROI on their sales training investments. And at The Sales Alliance, we can help you become great sales coaches.
  6. Manage and measure success. Great sales metrics help managers to examine sales process steps and bottlenecks and to forecast future sales. In short, active and strategic sales management is critical to long-term sales improvements and results.

As noted earlier, our Sales Improvement Model is proprietary and contains over 50 best practices for each of the model’s six elements. Using this model, we are available and readily to quickly assess your firm’s sales effectiveness and make recommendations that could make you millions!


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