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Dumb Questions



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In sales situations there are questions that, although we hesitate to call them “dumb,” are inappropriate or even detrimental to sales results.  For example, asking an executive-level prospect a question such as “what does your company do?” or “what are your company’s main products?” shows the decision maker that the salesperson hasn’t done his or her homework.  Moreover, if the prospect does choose to answer these questions, the few precious minutes a salesperson has to initially “hook” the decision maker and gain commitments are often wasted.  In short, a common reason for lackluster sales and prospecting success is the use of poor sales questions.


Successful sales questioning techniques help generate immediate interest, reflect an understanding of the prospect’s business and differentiate salespeople from their competitors.  So, if you or your sales team don’t have consistently high sales and prospecting success rates, it may be wise to inspect the types of questions being asked.


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