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Train the Trainer Course
A number of our clients have chosen, after seeing the results of our customized sales training programs, to bring sales training in-house.  And, we support our clients in making this transition!  Key benefits of in-house training include cost savings and the potential for sustained sales improvements.


Benefits of In House and Train-The-Trainer Programs

  • Gain complete control of course delivery, timing and content
  • Develop highly credible instructors that come from within the sales ranks
  • Use a highly-tailored program that has been proven effective during initial trainings
  • Be able to quickly adapt the training to organizational, product and market changes
  • Better integrate sales and product training
  • Be able to more cost effectively deliver training
  • Potentially utilize internal sales trainers as coaches
  • Eliminate dependence on an external organization
  • Modify training materials frequently to reflect business changes

Comprehensive, License-able Sales Classes

Comprehensive programs, including instructor manuals, participant workbooks, PowerPoint slide shows, handouts and Train-the-Trainer courses are available for:

For more information on customized sales training and licensing options, please complete our request form or call us at (619) 501-1040.

Sales Alliance Support, Materials and Services Availabletrain the trainer workshop

  • Multiple licensing options
  • Comprehensive set of materials including:
    • Facilitator’s guide with instructions for exercises and role-plays
    • Participant work books in PowerPoint format
    • Slide shows in PowerPoint format
    • Handouts and supplemental materials
  • Train-the-Trainer programs and certification
  • Sales trainer hiring, development and/or selection assistance
  • On-site and remote trainer support and assistance
  • Periodic course updates
  • Optional train-the-trainer coaching and follow up



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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses