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Strategic Sales Training Class Description

Our Strategic Sales Training Class is an advanced sales workshop designed for sales professionals involved in key account selling and account management.  Typically 3 days in length, this customized sales training class is tailored to each client’s needs via our pre-workshop interviews and sales skills assessment process.  Included are participant workbooks, tailored role-plays, group exercises and a set of immediately useful sales tools.


NOTE:  All Sales Alliance courses are available ONLY to sales teams of 12 or more and are NOT available to individuals or small groups. 

Key Account Selling Competencies Developed

  • Reduce sales cycles by as much as 75%strategic-sales
  • Boost key account closing rates via effective strategic sales and capture plans
  • Better manage territories and time
  • Outmaneuver competition and effectively counter their key account strategies
  • Develop strong, long-lasting interpersonal relationships
  • Develop superior sales call objectives and questions
  • Increase sales process effectiveness and learn new professional selling skills
  • Boost closing rates by gearing sales approaches to individual prospect personality types
  • Identify and reach the key account decision makers quickly
  • Enlist “inside salespeople” to sell for you
  • Replace poor prospects with more profitable key accounts
  • Avoid lengthy purchasing processes intended to stymie vendors
  • Improve key account selling and success rates when presenting proposals and solutions

Strategic Sales Issues Addressed

  • Reducing long sales cycles
  • Challenges gaining access and selling to multiple decision makers
  • Significant key account losses to competition
  • Lack of significant customer executive interaction
  • Sales that are blocked at low or mid management levels
  • Customer/prospect focus on price
  • Persistent discounting in order to close the sale
  • Lack of significant knowledge of prospective clients
  • Sales stalls

Strategic Sales Topics Taught

  • Varying each sales approach via proven psychographic profiling techniques
  • Developing key account territory plans and approaches
  • Creating strategic positioning for each account
  • Analyzing each key account using an 8-step process
  • Developing effective key account strategic sales plans
  • Selling to executives, purchasing agents and committee
  • Delivering effective presentations and proposals


Key Account Selling Training Class Outline

Assessing Account Psychographics

  • Understand the four personality types and how they buy
  • Practice shifting your sales style to match buyers’ buying styles
  • Enhance your ability to form relationships with customers

Developing Your Strategic Sales Approach

  • Align your firm’s sales and marketing plans
  • Segment your key accounts based on both sales revenue potential and market factors
  • Learn six ways to immediately boost strategic sales

Key Account Selling Strategies

  • Understand the three key account selling premises that contribute to sales success
  • Master the five levels of sales relationships
  • Discover unknown or little used sources of valuable key account information and how to best isolate yourself from price competition
  • Use micro differentiation to properly position yourself in each account
  • Implement an eight-step key account selling approach to develop winning sales strategies and gather the information needed to do so

Setting Up the Key Account Sales Plan

  • Identify the power bases in key accounts
  • Learn the eight-step process for analyzing and setting key account selling strategies
  • Analyze actual account situations and develop effective plans of attack
  • Create your own key account capture plans to consistently reach decision makers and win business

Advanced, Strategic Sales Questioning

  • Understand the four different levels of questioning
  • Develop questions to support the key account strategic sales process
  • Create questions for each of the six question content areas including decision process, competition, justification and buyer influence questions

Executing the Key Account Selling Plan

  • Learn how to develop inside salespeople in each key account
  • Understand the perils of “Blockers” and how to avoid them
  • Discover new ways to sell to executives and top-level decision makers
  • Implement financial and functional selling techniques
  • Explore new methods for maintaining. protecting and expanding your key accounts

Winning Strategic Sales

  • Implement new key account selling strategies to better deal with committees and multiple decision makers
  • Explore joint planning and venture activities with key customers
  • Optimize the effectiveness of group sales calls and presentations
  • Develop new strategies for combating the competition

Selling to Difficult Individuals

  • Gain techniques for handling buyers that believe they have superior expertise
  • Explore options for handling “dead” prospects
  • Discover how buyers deal with risk and the value of “personal wins”

Proposal / Demonstration Techniques

  • Obtain proven key account selling strategies for minimizing lost and unnecessary proposals
  • Learn to use proposals and demonstrations as a closing tool
  • Develop strategies for demonstrations to diverse groups of people
  • Develop at least six powerful customer commitments
  • Create commitments for each stage and level of customer interaction
  • Discover strategic sales methods to handle stalls and delays
  • Learn effective ways to crate urgency
  • Understand common closing techniques and which to use and/or avoid
  • Discover the power of “soft” closes and “implementation plan” closes


What’s Included and Additional Options

The Strategic Sales Training Class Includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training class design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify class agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and sales training class facilitation by experienced trainers
  • Strategic sales training class workbook/reference manual, prizes and all course materials
  • Best sales training materials, strategies, skills and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than ten group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Five different games and contests
  • Four role-plays and three mini-role plays
  • Over 25 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement and application plan

Sales Tools Developed in the Strategic Sales Training Class

  • List of effective key account strategies
  • Key account strategic sales and capture planning process
  • Account-specific capture plans
  • Account profile form
  • Needs assessment sales tools and questions
  • Key account qualification and ranking criteria


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added


Strategic Sales Training Class Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Sales training class completion certificates and reference cards
  • Key account selling instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program
  • Strategic sales training account planning sessions

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