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Sales Boot Camp


 1). Sales Boot Camp (2 days + online course)

Quickly boost your sales results — Join us in San Diego for an upcoming 2-Day Sales Boot Camp.

Covering all of the sales fundamentals, this San Diego Sales Boot Camp is great for both newer salespeople as well as those who’ve not recently received sales training.  Held 4 – 6 times annually, this sales boot camp is an immersion-style sales program designed to produce results!

Many of the sales techniques effective just a few short years ago are obsolete today.  Indeed, today’s buyers are better informed, increasingly cautious, more difficult to access and resistant to the tried and true sales techniques.  This program provides an up-to-date sales process and techniques suitable for today’s buyers.

Since product information is so readily available online, buyers no longer respond enthusiastically to the typical feature and benefit sales pitches common in many industries.  Moreover, salespeople often waste time creating proposals for people who have little or no intention of buying from them, and are basically selling the way they have for years.


Sales Boot Camp Topics Covered:

  • How to fill your pipeline using our innovative prospecting techniques
  • Why it’s better to get a “no” early and move on
  • How to prepare for every sales call so you accomplish your objectives
  • How to sell value and obtain a premium price for your product or service
  • How to take and retain control of the sales process from beginning to end
  • How to get past gatekeepers and spend time with decision makers
  • How to eliminate the “premature presentation/proposal” and truly learn to diagnose problems and sell solutions
  • Understand when, and in what manner, to discuss budget and money issues.
  • Understand how to differentiate yourself from competition, deal with price pressures and sell at higher margins.
  • Creative ways to handle the most common stalls and objections
  • How to quickly create rapport with prospects and clients
  • How to deal with purchasing and deal with pricing pressures
  • How to prepare for and win at negotiations


We limit the number of participants to twenty people per session.
Please sign up early!

What’s Included:

  • Online sales training with over 15 hours of video instruction
  • One year of access to all lessons, workbooks & tools
  • Weekly sales tip delivered to your inbox
  • Short and easy-to-understand class modules
  • Dynamic program—new content added frequently
  • Your personal DISC Behavioral Styles Assessment
  • Bi-weekly reminders to keep you on track and accelerate your mastery of the process
  • Certification upon completion of the course
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sales Boot Camp Investment:

The fee per individual for the Sales Boot Camp (and follow-on one-year online course) starts at $2,400.  Please contact us for further details and course dates.



2). Sales Fundamentals Boot Camp (8-week course, San Diego residents only)


If you’re having any of the following challenges, this program is right for you!

  • Prospects delaying decisions
  • Prospects shopping around to get the best rates
  • Prospects saying, “Call me in 3 months”
  • Prospects using your proposals to get a better price.
  • Losing to cheaper and/or inferior competition
  • Low close rates
  • Lack of qualified prospects
  • Not getting enough referral business


Sales Fundamentals Boot Camp Topics Covered:

  • Why existing sales approaches don’t work in difficult markets
  • How prospects’ buying motives change in a slowing market.
  • How to generate new business and leads
  • What sales approaches work best in today’s environment
  • How to close the sale
  • How to qualify prospects and weed out the time wasters
  • How to develop people skills and quickly gain rapport and trust
  • How to get referrals out of your customer base to make prospecting easy.
  • How you can use a structured sales process to grow your business, even in highly-competitive markets
  • How to control the sales process using up-front agreements
  • Strategies for delivering awesome presentations
  • Methods to reduce delays and cancellations

What’s Included:

  • Small group training sessions each week for 8 weeks
  • Personal coaching
  • Sales accountability management
  • Sales personality / DISC assessment
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Dozens of sales tools and resources
  • Ongoing support for all sales boot camp topics covered

Sales Fundamentals Boot Camp Investment:

For as little as $1800, you’ll receive the ultimate, small-group sales training program and be able to significantly boost your sales results.  Please contact us today for more information and program dates on our Sales Boot Camp.


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