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Phone Skills Training Class Description

An entry-to-intermediate level program designed for sales, inside sales and call center sales professionals who need effective phone sales skills and prospecting techniques to set appointments, improve phone etiquette, close sales or accomplish other steps in their sales processes.  This phone skills training class is typically 2-4 days in length and is tailored to client needs via our pre-workshop interview and assessment process.  Included are participant workbooks, tailored role-plays and exercises and a multitude of customized, leave-behind sales tools.


NOTE:  All Sales Alliance courses are available ONLY to sales teams of 12 or more and are NOT available to individuals or small groups. 


Phone Sales Techniques / Prospecting Techniques Taught

  • Apply a unique set of phone prospecting techniques that has a 50-80% success rate
  • Find more opportunitiesPhone Sales Techniques Course
  • Develop trust via effective relationship selling
  • Gain access to more decision makers with fewer calls
  • Better entice decision makers to spend time with you
  • Engage decision makers with more effective questions
  • Improve phone etiquette and effectiveness of prospecting techniques
  • Boost return call rates with voicemail and phone tag techniques
  • Outmaneuver competitors
  • Reduce stalls by helping create urgency
  • Better handle objections
  • Increase sales by regularly gaining commitments
  • Generate referrals through “warm” calls


Phone Sales Techniques Taught

  • Lead generation
  • Telephone prospecting techniques
  • Dealing with gatekeepers, phone tag and voicemail
  • Qualification
  • Dealing with different personality types and developing relationships
  • Needs assessment
  • Solutions presentation
  • Objection handling and prevention
  • Urgency creation
  • Closing sales and commitment building

Phone Skills Training Class Outline

 SMART Sales and Service

  • Describe how sales and service people successfully influence purchase behavior
  • State why customers prefer people who listen well
  • Describe how product selling is different than SMART Sales
  • Explain the components of SMART Sales
  • List 6 techniques to boost sales NOW


Developing SMART Customers: Greeting and Relating to the Customer

  • List at least three characteristics of each personality type
  • Explain at least two ways to sell each personality type
  • Describe how each personality type reacts to pressure (backup styles)
  • Explain how personality typing can improve phone etiquette


SMART Phone Prospecting Techniques

  • Make phone sales productive via effective phone skills training
  • Build confidence and overcome call reluctance
  • Capitalize on the 5 levels of sales relationships
  • Discover 9 great sources of prospect information
  • Pinpoint the prospects most likely to buy
  • Describe the five levels of sales relationships
  • List the four key elements in the shopping sales cycle
  • Identify event marketing opportunities
  • Understand your real competitors
  • Learn the five characteristics of a prospect


SMART Prospecting Approach

  • List the seven most common phone etiquette and prospecting mistakes
  • Find decision makers quickly
  • Develop a call opening and prospecting techniques that results in cooperation and decision maker access
  • Turn “gatekeepers” into “supporters” with 4 easy techniques
  • Learn the 12 most powerful sales words
  • Develop a winning telephone voice and practice it in the phone skills training sessions
  • Gain complete qualification information with a 50-80% success rate on the first call
  • Develop your top 5 qualifiers
  • Discover 3 effective appointment setting techniques
  • Explore ways to drop dead prospects


Perfecting Your Phone Sales Techniques

  • Develop techniques to minimize phone tag and upgrade phone sales skills
  • Handle incoming calls, return calls and inquiries more effectively
  • Create an effective voicemail and build credibility with your clients
  • Build confidence and overcome call reluctance


Finding SMART Opportunities: Selling with Questions

  • Describe at least four reasons why salespeople talk too much
  • List at least four techniques for improving listening skills
  • Explain why salespeople’s performance often declines over time
  • Cite reasons why premature prescriptions can be poisonous
  • Provide examples of four question types using powerful advanced questioning technique


Phone Day – An Inside Sales Training Practicum

  • Approach a 50-80% success rate on each call
  • Observe colleagues making calls using new techniques taught in the phone skills training class
  • Track your call statistics for optimal results and to improve phone sales techniques
  • Participate in two group debriefings to compare successes


Providing SMART Solutions: Providing Value

  • Define a feature, benefit and potential benefit
  • List at least two potential benefits for each personality type
  • Describe how customers determine value and how to best influence their perceptions
  • Describe the relationship between price, service and quality
  • Successfully translate customer needs into solutions via an effective “advise” statement
  • Explain why inappropriate or premature mention of features can kill a sale


Handling and Preventing Objections

  • See how objections reduce your closing rate
  • Turn objections into benefits with a powerful, 3-step technique
  • Successfully counter each of the four different price objections
  • Overcome price resistance, complaints, “I’m happy” and “Send me information”
  • Discover techniques to prevent objections from occurring
  • Describe ways of handling objections without experiencing personal rejection


Getting a SMART Pay Raise: Closing and Commitments

  • Describe the four levels of sales success
  • Describe the difference between internal and external urgency
  • List at least three commitments to obtain if the buyer isn’t ready to close
  • Develop and use at least two trial closes
  • Describe and use at least five different closes
  • Discover the power of a “soft” close and demonstrate how to use the technique
  • Recognize at least five closing cues
  • Demonstrate effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques

What’s Included and Additional Options  

This Phone Skills Training Program typically includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training class design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify sales training class agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and facilitation by experienced sales training speakers and course authors
  • Workbook/reference manual, prizes and all sales training class materials
  • Best inside sales training materials, strategies, skills, techniques and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than ten group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Five different games and contests
  • Four role-plays and three mini-role plays
  • Over 25 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement, skills development and application plan

Sales Tools Developed in this Phone Sales Techniques Course

  • Lead sources list
  • Lower level call opening
  • Decision maker call opening
  • Phone sales techniques list and phone skills training best practices
  • List of “words that work”
  • List of key business issues to prospect for
  • Qualification questions list
  • Needs assessment questions
  • Questions for each personality type
  • Potential benefits for each personality type
  • Voicemail ad
  • Objections-responses list
  • Sales closing and commitments list


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added to this Inside Sales Training Class

  • Phone day program (on-the-phone prospecting)
  • Networking and social networking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Selling against the competition
  • Customer service sales training
  • Sales management training seminar
  • Sales team coaching skills


Program Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting / sales consultant services
  • Personalized inside sales training and coaching
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Specific, customized tools for phone etiquette and phone prospecting techniques
  • Phone sales techniques class completion certificates and reference cards
  • Phone skills training / Inside sales training  instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program


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