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1). Online Sales Training: Sales Fundamentals

Online Sales Training Topics Covered:

  • New and less common sales techniques in our online sales training program
  • How to measurably increase your closing rate while building strong relationships
  • How to avoid the buyer’s capacity for turning you into an “unpaid consultant”
  • Why professionals have a sales process, while amateurs just set goals
  • How to qualify opportunities like a pro and get out of dead deals early
  • Ways to ask the right questions to get the information needed to close
  • Alternatives to feature-benefit selling and “sales pitches”
  • What really motivates your prospect to buy
  • How to prospect for new clients
  • How to shorten the sales cycle and deal with stalls and lack of urgency
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition by HOW you sell, not by WHAT you sell
  • Methods to quickly build trust and rapport

This Online Sales Training Program Includes:

  •  Online sales training program with over 15 hours of video instruction
  • One year of access to all online sales training programs, lessons, workbooks & tools
  • Weekly sales tip delivered to your inbox
  • Short and easy-to-understand class modules
  • Dynamic program—new content added frequently
  • Your personal DISC Behavioral Styles Assessment
  • Bi-weekly reminders to keep you on track and accelerate your mastery of the process
  • Certification upon completion of the online sales training program
  • Unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee

Contact us for more online sales training program details and registration information.


For just $500, you can use our online sales training program to improve your sales results by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Moreover, you’ll have one year to learn the content and receive ongoing reinforcement.  Please contact us for online sales training program details and registration information.



2). Online Sales Manager Training

Topics Covered:

  • Online sales manager training and sales management fundamentals
  • Over 50+ pages of sales management advice and techniques
  • 39 easy to use reinforcement training exercises to boost sales meeting effectiveness
  • Several assessments to help you diagnose sales staff strengths and weaknesses
  • Sales management tools and resources

It has been said that the best sales managers are those able to improve the performance of their staff.  And this requires tremendous skill, skills that we can help you develop quickly and at your convenience!


This Online Sales Manager Training Program Includes:

  • 5 hours of video (42 separate videos) covering many sales manager training topics. Our promise: if we don’t have it in there just tell us and we’ll put it in
  • Sales manager training is delivered in 6 modules over the first 6 weeks and are easy to manage
  • 15 hours of audio
  • After week 6 you’ll receive bi-weekly email assignments to keep you focused on what’s important.
  • 12 sales manager tools
  • A weekly tip that will help you deal with the most frustrating sales management challenges you encounter every day
  • Short and easy-to-understand sales manager training modules
  • 3 Assessments to help you understand your strengths & areas that need improvement
  • 99-page downloadable sales manager training workbook for the entire program
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Sales Managers can leverage the skills and tools they obtain by having your salespeople take our Online Sales Training Program or attend our Sales Boot Camp.  With both programs, you’ll have a complete sales training package…and this year will be your best year ever!

For just $800, you’ll be able to boost your sales management effectiveness.  Clients have reported a payback in as little as one week!  Please contact us for more online sales training program details and registration information.




3).  Other Online Sales Training Programs


All of our instructor-lead sales training programs can be delivered at times convenient to your staff, provided you have 6 or more people to train.

Sales training programs available in an online, instructor-lead format include:


Pricing varies depending on the sales training program selected, program length and number of participants.  Please contact us for additional information on our online sales training programs.


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