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The GREAT Inside Sales Course, often used for call center training, is one of our most popular!


Inside Sales Course Description

GREAT inside sales course

Our highly-acclaimed GREAT Inside Sales Course contains a comprehensive set of sales fundamentals and prospecting techniques for inside sales and call center sales professionalsOur inside sales courses are typically 3 days in length and is tailored to client needs via pre-workshop interviews.  Included are participant workbooks, tailored role-plays, simulations and a multitude of customized, leave-behind sales tools.



NOTE: This program is not held publicly or available on a per seat basis. We do offer similar programs covering sales fundamentals for individuals (see Online Sales Training Programs and Sales Boot Camp pages).


Inside Sales Competencies Developed

  • Increase the number of opportunities and referrals generated
  • Master the art of relationship selling
  • Use sales course concepts taught to upgrade your selling process and prospecting techniques
  • Boost success with decision makers
  • Learn effective probing and inside sales techniques
  • Outmaneuver competitors
  • Decrease stalls
  • Prevent objections
  • Improve closing rates


Inside Sales Techniques Taught

  • Lead qualification
  • Developing trust and rapport
  • Avoiding the common inside sales challenges with phone tag and voicemail
  • Probing for needs and pain
  • Presenting effective solutions
  • Overcoming objections
  • Creating urgency
  • Closing sales and gaining commitments


Inside Sales Course Outline

GREAT Inside Sales and Service

  • Describe how inside sales and service people successfully influence purchase behavior
  • State why customers prefer people who listen well
  • Explain his or her own top improvement goals for this sales course
  • Cite at least two reasons why support people often can outsell professional salespeople
  • Describe how product selling is different than GREAT Inside Sales and Service™
  • Describe the GREAT Inside Sales Process
  • List at least six ways to immediately boost sales
  • Determine your personal earnings and activities goals


Getting GREAT Results:  Greeting Your Customer and Prospecting

  • Explain the five steps to becoming a GREAT Inside Sales professional
  • List the four key elements in the shopping sales cycle
  • Understand your real competitors
  • Learn at least six sources of leads and corresponding prospecting techniques
  • Identify event marketing opportunities
  • Learn the five characteristics of a prospect
  • Develop a call opening that results in cooperation and conversation
  • Describe four ways to develop a winning attitude
  • List at least three time and territory management techniques
  • Commit to using at least 3 new sales prospecting techniques immediately
  • Use at least six “words that work”
  • Build confidence and overcome call reluctance


Developing GREAT Customers: Relating to the Customer

  • List at least three characteristics of each personality type
  • Explain at least two ways to sell each personality type
  • Know at least three words that are likely to be effective with each personality type
  • Practice “role shifting” to better communicate with other personality types
  • Describe how each personality type reacts to pressure (backup styles)
  • Explain why mirroring, a technique taught on other sales courses, does not work
  • Use the supplied inside sales course “cheat sheet” to instantly establish trust and rapport


Finding GREAT Opportunities: Exploring Customer Needs

  • Describe at least four reasons why Inside Sales Reps often talk too much
  • List at least four techniques for improving listening skills
  • Explain why salespeople’s performance often declines over time
  • Cite reasons why premature prescriptions can be poisonous
  • Learn effective listening techniques
  • Discover the explore process
  • Create a qualification questions list
  • Develop at least five open and closed-ended questions
  • Successfully use the Wide-Narrow Questioning Approach to elicit all customer needs
  • Develop cost-justification questions for improved urgency
  • Create questions for each personality type
  • Explain specific questions that are appropriate for referral sources


Providing GREAT Ideas:  Advising Your Customer

  • Define a feature, benefit, and potential benefit
  • List at least two potential benefits for each personality type
  • Describe how customers determine value and how to best influence their perceptions
  • Learn how to financially justify your customer proposal
  • Successfully translate customer needs into solutions via an effective “advise” statement
  • Explain the three elements of advising a customer, including the transition statement
  • Explain why inappropriate or premature mention of features can kill a sale
  • Be able to effectively handle at least ten different customer objections
  • Successfully counter each of the four different price objections
  • Overcome price resistance, complaints, “I’m happy” and “Send me information”
  • Discover ways of better handling and preventing objections
  • Use this sales course to experience and overcome feelings of personal rejection


Getting a GREAT Pay Raise:  Tying It All Together

  • Describe the four levels of direct sales success
  • Explain how to cope with rejection in a positive manner
  • List at least three commitments to obtain if the buyer isn’t ready to close
  • Develop and use at least two trial closes
  • Describe and use at least five different closes
  • Explain three ways to use installation set up as an additional sales opportunity
  • Explain the concept of a “soft” close and demonstrate how to use the technique
  • Recognize at least five closing cues
  • Demonstrate effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques
  • Effectively use the firm’s preferred ending statement while closing sales


What’s Included in our Inside Sales / Call Center Training

  • Pre-workshop interviews and sales course tailoring
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify sales course agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and facilitation by experienced sales training speakers and sales course authors
  • Workbook/reference manual, prizes and all sales course materials
  • Best inside sales / call center training materials, strategies, skills, sales / prospecting techniques and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than twelve group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Six different games and contests
  • Five role-plays
  • Over 30 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement, skills development and application plan

Tools Developed in this Sales Course

  • Lead sources list
  • Lower level call opening
  • Decision maker call opening
  • List of key business problems to prospect for
  • Qualification questions list
  • Probing and needs assessment questions
  • Potential benefits for each personality type
  • Voicemail ad
  • Phone tag avoidance checklist
  • Objections-responses list
  • Little known call center sales “tricks”
  • List of closes and commitments


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added to this Inside Sales Course

  • Phone day program (on-the-phone prospecting)
  • Networking and social networking sales courses
  • Presentation skills sales courses
  • Negotiation skills sales courses
  • Selling against the competition
  • Customer service sales training
  • Sales management training seminars
  • Call center training and coaching sessions
  • Sales team coaching skills


Sales Course Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting / sales consultant services
  • Personalized inside sales training and coaching
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Inside sales course completion certificates and reference cards
  • Inside sales course instructor manual, sales course license and train-the-trainer program



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