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Direct Sales Training Class Description

Our Field and Direct Sales Training Classes are typically 2-4 days in length and are tailored to each client’s needs via our pre-workshop interviews, testing and customized sales process and tool development.  Intended for field sales, outside sales and key account sales professionals, this program can be tailored based on specific sales job challenges.  Our Field Sales Training programs typically include participant workbooks, tailored role-plays and exercises and a multitude of immediately useful sales tools.

NOTE: This program is not held publicly or available on a per seat basis. We do offer similar programs covering sales fundamentals for individuals (see Online sales training programs and Sales Boot Camp pages)


Field and Direct Sales Competencies Developed

  • Substantially boost prospecting success ratesField Sales Techniques Class
  • Quickly develop rapport and trust
  • Gain assistance reaching decision makers
  • Improve professional selling skills and processes
  • Boost appointment close rates
  • Become adept at selling value in order to minimize price objections
  • Minimize the number of “follow-up” calls required to close sales
  • Better understand prospect and customer needs
  • Significantly increase the conversion rates between appointments, proposals and closes
  • Reduce sales stalls due to lack of customer urgency or corporate sales challenges
  • Prevent and better handle objections
  • Increased effectiveness closing sales
  • Better understand corporate sales and buying processes


Field Sales Techniques Taught

  • Lead generation
  • In-person and telephone prospecting
  • Qualification
  • Developing relationships
  • Setting appointments
  • Conducting appointments and needs assessments
  • Selling value
  • Creating and magnifying urgency
  • Presenting solutions
  • Handling objections
  • Closing and commitment building


Field and Direct Sales Training Class Outline

Boosting Earnings and Self-Motivation

  • Describe how field sales and service people successfully influence purchase behavior
  • State why customers prefer outside sales people who listen well
  • Explain his or her needs for better direct sales skills
  • Cite at least two reasons why support people often can outsell professional salespeople
  • Describe how product selling is different than GREAT Sales and Service™
  • Describe the GREAT Direct Sales and Service Process
  • List at least six professional selling skills to immediately boost sales
  • Determine your personal earnings and activities goals


Getting GREAT Results: Greeting Your Customer

  • Explain the five steps to becoming a GREAT Direct Sales professional
  • Segment your accounts and prospects based on both sales revenue potential and market factors
  • Measure and maximize your return on time invested (ROTI)
  • List at least three time and territory management techniques
  • List the four key elements in the shopping sales cycle
  • Understand your real competitors
  • Learn at least six sources of direct sales leads
  • Identify field sales training, marketing and event opportunities
  • Learn the five characteristics of a prospect
  • Develop a direct sales call opening that results in cooperation and conversation
  • Describe four techniques to develop a winning attitude
  • Use at least six “words that work”
  • Describe the meaning of various customer “body language cues”
  • Build confidence and overcome call reluctance


Developing GREAT Customers: Relating to the Customer

  • List at least three characteristics of each personality type
  • Explain at least two direct sales techniques to be effective with each personality type
  • Know at least three words that are likely to work with each personality type
  • Practice “role shifting” techniques to better communicate with other personality types
  • Describe how each personality type reacts to pressure (backup styles)


Finding GREAT Opportunities: Exploring Customer Needs

  • Describe at least four reasons why Outside Sales Reps often talk too much
  • List at least four direct sales techniques for improving listening skills
  • Explain why salespeople’s performance often declines over time
  • Cite reasons why premature prescriptions can be poisonous
  • Learn effective listening techniques
  • Discover the explore process
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your initial sales call and discover how to set and control the agenda
  • Customize the seven sales call steps to match your own style
  • Develop a “how we work” statement (perfect for corporate sales environments)
  • Create a qualification questions list
  • Develop at least five open and closed-ended questions
  • Successfully use the Wide-Narrow Questioning techniques to elicit all customer needs
  • Develop cost-justification questions for improved urgency
  • Create questions for each personality type
  • Explain specific questions and techniques to generate direct sales referrals


Providing GREAT Ideas: Advising Your Customer

  • Define a feature, benefit, and potential benefit
  • List at least two potential benefits for each personality type
  • Describe how customers determine value and how to best influence their perceptions
  • Learn how to financially justify your customer proposal
  • Successfully translate customer needs into solutions via an effective “advise” statement
  • Explain the three elements of advising a customer, including the transition statement
  • Explain why inappropriate or premature mention of features can kill a sale
  • Be able to effectively handle at least ten different customer objections
  • Successfully counter each of the four different price objections
  • Overcome price resistance, complaints, “I’m happy” and “Send me information”
  • Discover sales techniques to prevent objections from occurring
  • Describe ways of handling objections without experiencing personal rejection


Getting a GREAT Pay Raise: Tying It All Together

  • Describe the four levels of direct and outside sales success
  • Explain how to cope with rejection in a positive manner
  • List at least three commitments to obtain if the buyer isn’t ready to close
  • Develop and use at least two trial closes
  • Describe and use at least five different closes
  • Explain three ways to use installation set up or an implementation plan as an additional direct sales opportunity
  • Explain the concept of a “soft” close and demonstrate how to use the technique
  • Recognize at least five closing cues
  • Demonstrate effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques
  • Effectively use the preferred ending statement while closing sales

What’s Included and Additional Options

This Direct Sales Techniques Program Typically Includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training program design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify workshop agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and facilitation by experienced sales training speakers and authors
  • Workbook/reference manual, prizes and all course materials
  • Best sales training materials, strategies, skills and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than a dozen group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Six different games and contests
  • Five role-plays and three mini-role plays
  • Over 30 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement and application plan


Sales Tools Developed in this Direct Sales Techniques Class

  • Direct sales lead sources list
  • Call openings list
  • List of “A” “B” and “C” prospect/customer qualifiers
  • Qualification questions list
  • Needs assessment questions
  • Questions for each personality type
  • Potential benefits for each personality type
  • Financial justification sales tools
  • Objections-responses list
  • Commitment list


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added


Program Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting / sales consultant services
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Course completion certificates and reference cards
  • Direct Sales Techniques Instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program


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