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Distribution Sales Channel Training Class Description

Our Distribution – Sales Channel Training Class is typically 3-4 days in length and helps channel salespeople grow distribution channels, boost distributor sales and create effective channel sales programs.  This course  is tailored to each client’s needs via our pre-workshop interview and assessment process.  Included are participant workbooks, tailored role-plays and exercises and a multitude of immediately useful sales tools.


NOTE:  All Sales Alliance courses are available ONLY to sales teams of 12 or more and are NOT available to individuals or small groups. 


Key Channel Sales Competencies Developed

  • Develop a company and territory sales strategy and plan for distribution channels
  • Identify and target high-potential distribution channels, distributors, resellers and distribution sales organizations
  • Quickly develop rapport and trust
  • Develop a “Capture Plan” to recruit distributors or boost “mind share”
  • Discover new sales techniques for gaining distributor commitment and mind share
  • Craft sales programs and channel training unique to each distributor
  • Present a winning business case for long-term distribution sales partnerships
  • Learn how to manage distributor sales reps via “arm’s length sales management” techniques
  • Discover methods to helping distributor reps on sales calls, proposals and closes
  • Boost success rates via channel training, coaching and sales meeting participation
  • Turn around lackluster performers quickly


Distribution Sales Techniques Taught

  • Time & territory management
  • Solidifying your plan for distribution channels and an overall strategy
  • Recruiting distributors and channel partners
  • Qualification and ranking of distributors
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Developing distributor capture plans
  • Boosting mind share
  • Creating unique sales programs
  • Performing “arm’s length” sales management
  • Supporting the distribution channel with sales calls, proposals and closes
  • Coaching distributors and conducting effective channel training programs
  • Maintaining successful distributor relationships


Channel and Distribution Sales Class Outline

Creating a Winning Distribution Business Plan

  • Boost success rates with a winning distribution sales business plan, complete with monthly milestones
  • Create challenging and motivating “leveraged” distribution channel sales goals
  • Explore high-potential territory strategies and pick one channel sales strategy to implement
  • Develop a strategic approach to time and territory management
  • Successfully balance distributor and direct sales
  • Proactively manage potential conflicts in your distribution channels
  • Discover how to accurately determine the pipeline needed to exceed channel sales goals
  • Create strategies to boost conversion rates for each stage of the sales pipeline


Distributor Sales Strategies

  • Understand the three distributor selling premises that contribute to sales success
  • Analyze the distribution channels in your industry and solidify your channel sales approach
  • Master the five levels of distributor sales relationships
  • Discover unknown or little used sources of valuable distributor company information and how to best isolate yourself from price competition
  • Use micro differentiation to properly position yourself in each distributor organization
  • Learn at least 3 ways to shorten sales cycles and reduce follow-up calls
  • Understand your competition for “mind share” and develop counter strategies


Qualification & Targeting

  • Learn how to conduct a market analysis for improved distributor selection
  • Develop an ideal distributor and salesperson profile based on such things as: firm size, support/service capabilities, reputation, products sold, track record, ethics and personnel
  • Develop “A” “B” and “C” distributor qualification criteria
  • Create a short list of qualification questions to sell more in less time


Creating the Distributor Capture Plan

  • Use advanced questioning skills as a primary competitive weapon
  • Develop and use a distributor profile to get critical information on the first call
  • Discover ways to quickly identify all key players
  • Analyze actual account situations and develop effective plans of attack
  • Develop new strategies for displacing vulnerable competitors


Executing the Distributor Capture Plan

  • Learn how to develop inside salespeople who will close the sale for you!
  • Discover new ways to sell to executives and top-level decision makers
  • Devise methods for bypassing purchasing departments and processes
  • Implement new financial and functional selling techniques
  • Enhance your ability to sell to committees and multiple decision makers
  • Optimize the effectiveness of group sales calls


Gaining Distributor Trust & Rapport 

  • Understand key characteristics of each personality type
  • Explain at least four ways to sell each personality type
  • Develop questions that are likely to be effective with each personality type
  • Practice “role shifting” to better communicate with other personality types
  • Describe how each personality type reacts to pressure (backup styles) 
  • Discover how to effectively “climb” the 5 levels of sales relationships 
  • Explore strategic, joint planning and venture activities with key distributors


Presenting the Program:  Partners in Profit

  • Use key distributor objectives and motivators to make and present an iron-clad case
  • Learn how “out of the box” thinking can boost what you have to “sell”
  • Strengthen your competitive position through effective financial justification
  • Creatively “attach” additional revenue streams to your products
  • Obtain strategies for selling to diverse individuals with varying agendas
  • Learn the ideal mix of presentation versus interaction and group discussion
  • Discover how to use presentations and customer-centered proposals as a “stealth” closing tool


Creating the Distributor Agreement and Business Plan

  • Co-create a Distributor Sales Plan with effective  targets, strategies, programs and resources
  • Obtain proven strategies to boost Distributor marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Develop a closed-loop tracking system to ensure goal achievement
  • Obtain critical commitments that virtually guarantee their success


Clinching the Distributor Sale

  • Discover your own negotiation and closing style
  • Develop strategies to deal with expert negotiators and price negotiations
  • Create low-cost, high-value concessions for your negotiations
  • Brainstorm and use at least six powerful distributor commitments
  • Discover creative methods of handling stalls and delays
  • Understand common closing techniques and which to use and/or avoid
  • Discover the power of “soft” closes and “implementation plan” closes


Mastering “Arm’s Length Sales Management”

  • Understand proactive vs. reactive reporting (“sales accounting”)
  • Develop a measurement system to track leads generated & contacted, needs assessments, proposals, demonstrations and closes
  • Learn how to gain more accurate revenue, product and activity forecasts
  • Enhance lead generation, lead distribution and lead registration effectiveness


Distributor Training & Coaching

  • Outline the contents of a distributor sales training and coaching program
  • Understand “Resourcitis” and how it can be both positive and negative
  • Develop Distributor coaching standards and commitments
  • Discover methods for coaching salespeople on joint sales calls, demonstrations, needs assessments and presentations
  • Learn “Expectancy Theory” and potential coaching rewards by personality type
  • Discover the discrete steps to sales coaching success
  • Create sales call, presentation and demonstration coaching success checklists
  • Implement a Distributor sales team skills reinforcement program
  • Become a productive part of Distributor sales meetings
  • Role-play coaching a difficult and challenging salesperson


Distributor Sales Strategies

  • Devise strategies to re-orient distribution channel partners that fail to meet their commitments
  • Learn way to upgrade distributors’ professional selling skills
  • Ensure marketing materials, logos, pricing, policies and support conform to company standards
  • Practice methods of discussing difficult and sensitive issues with company owners



What’s Included and Additional Options

This Program Typically Includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training program design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify workshop agenda and content
  • Professional instruction and facilitation by experienced sales training speakers and course authors
  • Workbook/reference manual, prizes and all course materials
  • Best sales training materials, strategies, skills and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than ten group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Five different games and contests
  • Four role-plays
  • Over 20 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement and application plan

Client-Specific Sales Tools Developed in this Program

  • Ideal distributor profile
  • A, B, C ranking criteria
  • Prospecting call opening
  • Decision maker call opening
  • Distributor sales planning process
  • Distributor program enhancement
  • Arms-length sales management plan


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added

  • Phone day program (on-the-phone prospecting)
  • Networking and social networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Selling against the competition
  • Sales management training seminar
  • Sales team coaching programs


Program Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Course completion certificates and reference cards
  • Perform distribution channel consulting, creation of distributor sales programs and/or channel training courseware
  • Channel Sales Training instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program




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