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Class Description: Advanced Professional Sales Skills

An advanced professional selling skills (Advanced PSS) class tailored to the needs of client firms based on pre-workshop interviews and sales skills assessments.  The program is a hands-on, interactive sales class that focuses on building customer trust and loyalty, new business sales skills, consultative selling, team sales techniques, in person presentation skills and optional video feedback.


NOTE:  Although it incorporates PSS concepts, this program is NOT the Professional Selling Skills Course by Achieve Global / Miller – Heimann.  We do not teach their program or supply materials.


NOTE:  All Sales Alliance courses are available ONLY to sales teams of 12 or more and are NOT available to individuals or small groups. 


Key Professional Selling Skills Developed

  • Enhance your success in developing customer relationships
  • Develop your own professional selling skills methodologyProfessional selling skills - PSS workshop
  • Heighten prospect interest in your product or service
  • Turn objections into benefits
  • Learn to recognize conflicting, non-verbal behaviors
  • Make presentations an effective closing tool
  • Learn successful sales techniques for group and committee presentations
  • Professionalize your proposals
  • Discover new team sales skills and consultative selling approaches
  • Shorten sales cycles with effective questioning techniques
  • Learn how to zero in on your best prospects to increase sales
  • Raise the profitability of each sales hour and the effectiveness of all sales techniques
  • Learn how to put “punch” into your correspondence
  • Counter customer stalling tactics to boost closing rates
  • Quickly build your territory by discovering “hidden” sources of prospects
  • Create winning proposals that knock out the competition
  • Use new negotiating tactics to avoid concessions and boost profit margins
  • Discover the power of marrying marketing strategies with innovative sales techniques
  • Learn how to turn objections into commitments


Additional Professional Sales Techniques Taught

  • Sales skills for each step of the sales process
  • Balancing sales quantity with quality
  • Time and territory management
  • Negotiating commitments and orders
  • Social networking
  • Appointments and needs assessments
  • Body language and in person sales techniques
  • Advanced questioning
  • Consultative sales skills
  • Objection prevention
  • Sales correspondence
  • Financial justification
  • Presentation sales skills
  • Group selling strategies


Advanced Professional Selling Skills Class Outline

Re-creating Your Sales Plan and Approach

  • Assess and select target markets most likely to buy your products and services
  • Use strategic mapping to find competitor “holes” and successfully fill them
  • Understand the risks of 4 distinct company growth options
  • Assess your own sales skills and create improvement goals

Boosting Your Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Discover the trade-offs between sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assess the professional sales skills and sales techniques required for each new business strategy
  • Capitalize on the best of consultative selling techniques developed over the last 2 decades
  • Understand how to manage your sales activity levels and how these levels impact your overall sales success

Time and Territory Management

  • Discover new ways to manage your time effectively
  • Develop a personal time and territory plan
  • Learn the 4 sales styles and how to vary your approach

Closing Using Negotiation Techniques and Tactics

  • Practice the 6 most effective closing techniques
  • Understand why people negotiate and their negotiation style
  • Obtain negotiation tactics used by the experts
  • Plan and rehearse your closing strategies

Networking Your Way To the Top

  • Design your sales networking strategy
  • Develop your winning “elevator speech”
  • Feel confident approaching strangers at events
  • Qualify contacts and set up the next step
  • Use professional sales skills to enhance networking effectiveness

Social Networking

  • Develop an ongoing social networking strategy
  • Create a compelling profile with descriptive title
  • Build and maintain a virtual network
  • Using hand-selected groups to demonstrate your expertise
  • Understand guidelines for posting and selling on LinkedIn, Plaxo and other sites
  • Learn how to improve your professional sales skills via your social network
  • Capitalize on your network to connect with prospective clients and referral sources
  • Learn the benefits of frequent updates and news-message “tweets”
  • Boost the value of your network via e-mail marketing

Conducting Initial Appointments and Reading Body Language

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your initial sales call and discover how to set and control the agenda
  • Customize the seven sales call steps to match your own style
  • Develop a “how we work” statement
  • Learn the sales skills needed to obtain commitments and provide for smooth follow up
  • Learn how to interpret and respond to physical and visual cues
  • Learn to recognize conflicting behaviors and enhance your “gut feel”
  • Discover how your posture and mannerisms affect your image
  • Understand how personal space affects the sales relationship
  • Explore the effects of personal dress and grooming on client perceptions
  • Learn sales techniques to read and respond to “red” “yellow” and “green” non-verbal cues

Advanced Questioning Techniques = Higher Closing Rates

  • Learn 4 types of questions that enhance sales skills and success
  • Develop questions to cover 6 key areas of questioning
  • Understand how analogies can help justify a purchase
  • Discover why questioning is one of the most important sales techniques for accomplished salespeople

The New Way of Handling Objections and Stalls: Prevent Them

  • Discover why objections often result in lost sales
  • Review successful objection handling sales techniques
  • Learn proven professional sales skills for preventing objections
  • Obtain strategies for dealing with price sensitivity
  • Understand why customers don’t make decisions, stalling the sale
  • Obtain proven strategies for handling stalls

The Lost Art of Sales Correspondence

  • Discover what sales pros know about sales letters and emails
  • Explore new email sales techniques
  • Learn to reinforce key selling points via post-call follow-up letters
  • Create a “benefits proposal” to boost your closing rate

Financial Justification

  • Analyze your proposal from the customer’s standpoint
  • Learn to predetermine likely benefits via prospect/client business position
  • Differentiate your proposal format from your competitors’
  • Sell against competition using consultative selling or a relationship-based approach
  • Devise a method to collect competitor intelligence
  • Create counter strategies to beat competitors who play rely on a single approach
  • Develop questions to obtain customer perceptions of key competitors
  • Move from “macro” to “micro” differentiation based on the competitive landscape
  • Experience the thrill of beating competitors via “Competitive Combat”

Sales Negotiations

  • Understand why people negotiate
  • Discover your own negotiation style
  • Develop strategies to deal with price negotiations
  • Create low-cost, high-value concessions for your negotiations
  • Learn which negotiation techniques are appropriate for various situations
  • Experience an actual negotiation and test your negotiating prowess
  • Developing winning proposals
  • Obtain proven strategies for minimizing lost and unnecessary proposals
  • Transform your proposals into customer-centered, benefits proposals
  • Use your proposals as an urgency-creation tool
  • Boost your closing rate with the pre-proposal review technique

Presentation and Group Selling Skills

  • Discover methods of ensuring you meet and exceed your audiences’ needs
  • Quickly discover who has decision-making power and influence
  • Develop the sales skills needed to sell to diverse groups with diverse agendas
  • Learn how to effectively structure a presentation
  • Further explore the benefits of team sales techniques and strategies
  • Combat stage fright with 3 easy sales techniques
  • Explore professional selling skills presentation aids such as multimedia, demonstrations and handouts
  • Understand the 7 most common presentation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Learn the ideal mix of presentation versus interaction and group discussion
  • Apply the six habits of successful presenters
  • Use your voice for maximum impact
  • Avoid the eight deadly sins that put audiences to sleep
  • Obtain proven strategies for minimizing lost and unnecessary bids and proposals
  • Quickly discover who has decision-making power and influence
  • Obtain strategies for presentations and demonstrations to diverse groups with multiple agendas


What’s Included and Additional Options

This Professional Selling Skills Training Class Typically Includes

  • Pre-workshop interviews, sales skills assessment and customized sales training program design
  • Pre-workshop management meeting to solidify workshop agenda and content
  • Professional selling skills instruction and facilitation by experienced sales training speakers and program authors
  • Workbook/reference manual, prizes and all course materials
  • Best sales training materials, strategies, skills and tools
  • Small-group role-plays, feedback and coaching
  • Highly-interactive format using accelerated learning techniques
  • More than a dozen group exercises, skits and case studies
  • Six different games and contests
  • Five role-plays and three mini-role plays
  • Over 30 illustrative stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Post-workshop reinforcement and application plan

Sales Tools Developed in this Professional Selling Skills Training Class

  • Step-by-step sales process
  • Time and territory management plan
  • Negotiating give and take list
  • Social networking action plan
  • Advanced needs assessment questions
  • Financial justification model
  • Presentation checklist
  • Professional selling skills checklist


Workshop Modules That Can Be Added


Professional Selling Skills Course Options and Upgrades

  • Sales process development, testing and implementation
  • Corporate sales consulting / sales consultant services
  • Salesperson certification and certification process
  • Content-related pre and post training exams
  • Class completion certificates and reference cards
  • Customized industry-specific sales techniques and sales skills for consultative selling environments
  • Advanced Professional Selling Skills Class instructor manual, course license and train-the-trainer program

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