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Our customized sales classes produce superior results!  If you’re looking for more consistent sales, new prospects or better account penetration, we have some fantastic sales courses for you.  

The biggest cost of holding a sales class is the revenue lost while salespeople are away from customers.  No problem!  Our extensive pre-workshop interviews, participant testing and sales process expertise helps us pinpoint performance deficits and teach high-payback sales skills.  Simply put, our customized sales training courses provide superior and long-lasting performance improvements.

The bottom line is an up front investment in high-quality sales expertise and results-oriented sales training courses ensure you’ll get a good sales training return on investment.  We invite you to explore our website to see why sales classes often fails to produce results, how our sales classes are different and how we produce superior results.


Our Sales Training Programs (Sales Teams of 12 or more)

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Typical Sales Courses Cost More Than They Make You!

Multiple studies have shown that sales classes are often ineffective in producing tangible results and in causing positive, long-term behavioral changes in salespeople.  Reasons cited for this include:

  1. The sales classes were not custom-tailored to the specific challenges faced by salespeople each day.  Generally, the salespeople who had the greatest need to learn successful sales techniques were least able to take generalized sales concepts and apply them.  In contrast, the more experienced salespeople were able to adapt general sales techniques to their sales environment.  But, they typically didn’t use techniques taught in what they perceived to be “canned” sales classes.
  2. People retained less than 15% of what they learned just one month after a sales class.  And the most common outcome of the training one month later was that salespeople had reverted back to the less-than-successful sales techniques they used prior to the training.
  3. Sales skills were not easy to apply.  Many salespeople didn’t try many of the new sales skills after sales classes were conducted.  And many of the ones who did try them found that many of the new techniques didn’t initially work for them.  As a result, they blamed the techniques and didn’t try them again.  Indeed, changing behaviors and habits was simply difficult for training firms and their clients to achieve.
  4. Commonly-used and dated sales techniques are ineffective.  Why?  When prospective customers hear the same “pitch” or sales approach each day, it was difficult for salespeople to gain their attention and differentiate themselves.  The Sales Alliance has found, through extensive field testing of sales approaches, that the most successful sales techniques were those that were unpublished and not used in common use.
  5. The sales trainer often lacked credibility with the salespeople being trained.  Why?  Sales trainers failed to develop rapport with individual salespeople or had limited knowledge of the company or industry.  And these shortcomings often resulted in sales class snafus such as role-plays that didn’t pertain to salespeople’s everyday experiences.
  6. Sales performance obstacles were not pinpointed and addressed.   Many sales training vendors didn’t leverage the effectiveness of their sales classes by incorporating other sales performance improvement tools such as post-training campaigns, incentives and technology aids.  The Sales Alliance uses its proprietary Sales Improvement Model to help clients develop and implement a customized sales training classes
  7. Sales managers did not regularly coach their people or continually reinforce what was taught in sales classes.  Thus, many of the new skills taught were not used by a majority of the sales team.
  8. The sales class was not based on or aligned with the company’s sales best practices or ideal sales processes.  Indeed, many training firms deliver sales classes that don’t incorporate many of the sales techniques successfully used by a firm’s top producers.  Research confirms that the teaching of and subsequent salesperson use of unproven or generic sales techniques often caused sales to decline right after the sales training class.


How our Customized Sales Training Classes are Different

  • Our customized sales training class approach ensures program quality and results
  • We use less-known and some unpublished sales techniques to help salespeople edge out their competition
  • Our sales training classes are facilitated by experts with over 20 years of sales experience, more than 10 years sales training experience and significant sales expertise
  • Our sales classes are tailored by program authors based on extensive interviews and call observations
  • We achieve higher learning retention rates via accelerated learning techniques and ongoing, post-training reinforcement
  • We help salespeople immediately apply what they’ve learned in sales classes via structured sales activities such as our “Phone Day
  • Our sales class materials were developed, refined and tested over a 20-year period with an investment of over $1 million
  • Our extensive library contains 96 course modules, 11,000 pages of materials and a variety of application exercises
  • Our sales classes incorporate accelerated learning, high interactivity, management training and leave-behind sales tools
  • Many of our customized sales classes can be licensed and include comprehensive Instructor Guides and Train-the-Trainer classes
  • Post-training coaching, reinforcement and use of our proprietary sales performance model provides for sustained results
  • Customized sales classes and results can be improved via our Sales Improvement Program and other customized consulting services


Benefits of Customized Sales Courses

  • Increases sales and marginssales course graduate
  • Builds higher-quality pipelines
  • Shortens sales cycles and boosts close rates
  • Refines the company’s sales process and best practices
  • Yields valuable sales tools that boost success during each stage of the sale
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Helps outmaneuver and displace competition
  • Helps retain good salespeople while reinforcing culture of learning, professional growth and sales excellence
  • Establishes a common sales language across the organization
  • Provides discrete sales process steps which aid in both measuring and analyzing sales results
  • Focuses salespeople on solutions and value rather than products and prices
  • Provides additional ways to measure performance and predict future success
  • Yields sustained results via effective sales management coaching programs
  • Helps ramp up new hires more quickly via in-house trainers certified to teach Sales Alliance training classes
  • Reinvigorates the sales team


Overview of Our Customized Sales Training Approach

  1. Extensive diagnosis:  We spend considerable time interviewing you and your people to assess sales challenges, skill sets, possible spiffs and potential post-training measurements, coaching and reinforcement programs
  2. Development of sales process, best practices and performance-boosting strategies:  Based on best practices already proven to produce results at your firm, we help define your sales best practices and solidify a step-by-step sales process.
  3. Customized sales classes:   We then tailor all of your sales classes based on your proven best practices and ideal sales process.   This tailored, well-planned approach is critical to achieving significant and lasting sales improvements from all sales classes and initiatives.
  4. Highly-effective, interactive training and application sessions:  Our sales classes include a variety of proven, hands-on methods for applying new skills and receiving valuable coaching.
  5. Sales coaching and reinforcement: Our tailored sales management and coaching classes help salespeople get ongoing support for integrating new skills into their daily sales activities.
  6. Leave-behind sales tools:  As part of all of our customized sales classes, we co-develop with your team a complete set of leave-behind sales tools which may include: openings, qualification criteria, needs assessment questions, answers to their 10 most common objections and lists of commitments.
  7. Measurement and follow up:  Finally, we help clients determine how they can best measure their sales results.  With this information and an effective sales team coaching and reinforcement program, many firms are able to sustain initial revenue improvements produced in their customized sales classes.



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