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Customer Service Sales Training Excellence


Companies facing sales challenges are finding innovative ways of boosting sales without significantly increasing their costs or staffing levels–how? They’re developing customer service sales training courses  and programs that allow their customer service and technical support teams to identify leads, cross-sell, up-sell and help close key accounts.


To pave the way for success, these companies usually provide their service people, who are always looking for ways to boost their earnings, with both sales training and incentives. A survey by Inc. Magazine supports this trend toward sales by non-salespeople.  More than 54 percent of the companies polled said that they “reward non-sales employees for their role in sales.”  Another study, conducted by Xerox, also showed that non-sales professionals trained in sales techniques often achieve impressive results.


But, a word of caution is needed.  We’ve found that a number of service people are resistant to sales initiatives because they don’t like the idea of selling (after all, that’s why they’ve chosen a service rather than a sales role).  To address this reality, we’ve developed a comprehensive program that first helps motivate service people to sell and then provides them with appropriate “soft sell” skills and tools.


Smart companies look for opportunities to capitalize on each and every customer interaction, regardless of whether the employees involved are in a professional sales role.  If you’re looking for ideas on how to boost sales and motivate non-sales employees to sell for you, please contact us for a complimentary customer service sales consultation.


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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses