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Interim and Part-Time Sales Managers




Our Interim Sales Managers or Part-time Sales Managers may be ideal for you if:

  1. You have recently lost your Sales Manager, Director or VP
  2. You are a small firm, without a Sales Manager, and looking for faster sales growth
  3. You are pursuing a new sales direction and need to build a strategy and team
  4. Business owners who want to cut down their sales management time

Indeed, great sales management can leverage your investment in your sales team and help most or all of them boost their results.

The Sales Alliance provides seasoned Sales Managers, Directors & VPs who are fully equipped to manage a sales team or department on an interim or part-time basis.


Sales Management Services We Provide:

  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Process Development
  • Salesperson Recruitment, Assessment and Testing
  • Sales Meetings and Pipeline Management
  • Deal Review and Advancement
  • Compensation, Motivation and Contests
  • New Business Development & Prospecting
  • Key Account Sales Plans, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Pipeline Management
  • Reporting & Executive Presentations


If You Answer “Yes” to Any of These, We Can Help!

  • Do I have a sales strategy and sales team that are producing the results I expect?
  • For the dollars that I currently invest in sales, am I getting an acceptable return?
  • If there were more sales management focus, would our sales increase at least 10-20%?
  • If I could boost the results of my underperformers, would I likely get a nice bump in revenues?
  • Could coaching some of my people, or reviewing/strategizing major deals, yield big improvements in sales?
  • Do I have new market opportunities and lack the sales bandwith to pursue them?


Our Interim Sales Managers have extensive sales, sales management and management consulting backgrounds.   They have a track record of taking action, making high-quality management decisions, leading and communicating effectively, and have built and managed sales teams.  Interim Sales Managers have the potential to provide a high ROI in a short period of time.  Trained in our Sales Alliance Methodology and using our highly-acclaimed Sales Improvement Model, our Interim and Part-time Sales Managers may just be the right solution for you.  Please contact us for details.




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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses