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The majority of our clients who hire us as a sales consultant already have solid sales programs and organizations.  So why hire a sales consultant?

Great firms “know what they don’t know.”  Trying to select and implement the best possible sales strategies, without knowing about all the programs other companies have tried and what results were obtained, is an extremely difficult task.  Moreover, the risk of selecting a sales strategy that doesn’t work or is suboptimal, is high.

That’s precisely where a knowledgeable sales consultant fits in.  An experienced sales consultant can provide new sales strategies and suggestions, giving management a variety of options.   And the investment of time and resources to generate the best possible strategies usually has a high ROI.


Sales Consultant Services Available

professional sales consultant services
We pride ourselves on helping clients address their unique sales challenges and opportunities.  While sales training can be an effective means to raise performance, when cost-effective sales training is used in combination with other sales performance levers such as motivation, refined sales processes and improved hiring practices, results and ROI can be impressive.   Key sales consultant services we offer include:

Sales Improvement Program and Sales Health Check

Sales Plan Development

 Sales Process Engineering and Testing

 Sales Compensation and Motivation

 Key Account Sales and Capture Plans


When to Hire a Consultant

  • Revenue and margin goals are not being achieved
  • Salesperson turnover is high
  • Customers and prospects are not “wowwed” or highly satisfied
  • New accounts are hard to acquire
  • A majority of sales proposals and quotes do not close
  • Sales cycles have become longer
  • A significant amount of sales is lost due to price
  • Selling costs are rising
  • Salespeople lack the motivation to work long hours and excel
  • Sales management lacks the time and resources to accomplish key goals


Qualities of a Good Sales Consultant

  • Possesses exceptional analytical skills
  • Understands all aspects of business and has advanced business degrees and training
  • Understands how sales and marketing should work together using an integrated approach
  • Has developed sales plans for similar organizations in similar industries
  • Avoids “white papers” and instead focuses on jointly developing strategies and action plans
  • Has functioned as a professional sales consultant for at least 5 years
  • Provides ongoing help and sales consultant follow-up after creating the initial sales plan or program
  • Has the ability to communicate to senior management, salespeople and external supporters


Hiring The Sales Alliance

Each Sales Alliance Sales Consultant possesses over 25 years of sales, marketing, sales management and business management experience.  Moreover, each sales consultant has an advanced degree (several have MBAs) and business training.  Most important, each sales consultant has a proven track record of helping client firms achieve significant sales improvements and revenue increases.

To learn more about hiring and retaining a Sales Alliance Sales Consultant, please contact us!


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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses