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“I had the opportunity to work closely with Craig at I-Bus as we were looking to increase the effectiveness of our sales team.  He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sales process and to our organization.  His use of a wide variety of successful sales techniques and tools coupled with his ability to connect with sales teams and speak their language helped us make lasting changes which resulted not only in better sales, but in happier and more productive employees.  Craig has a unique ability to deliver the message that is required, even if it is news an employee is in the wrong job for his/her skills, with compassion and a degree of integrity that is hard to find.  Over the years I’ve known Craig he has never compromised his integrity or failed to deliver the message that needs to be given.  The skills and knowledge I gained through my participation in his sales training workshops have increased my effectiveness as an HR professional and my ability to advise clients about what they should be expecting from their sales force.  Whenever I have a sales-related question I look to Craig for his guidance.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Craig to any organization who is looking to increase sales, the skills of their sales people and/or the cohesiveness of their sales team.  I’ve seen the results of his work and the impact to the bottom line.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
       HR Director, I-Bus Corporation
“Gould Electric engaged Craig Arnoff to work with us to develop effective sales processes and procedures, set related performance metrics and train current staff members.  While he came to us with a strong background in sales and sales training, he had little knowledge of our industry.  Since that time, he has quickly learned about the contracting/construction industry and has been able to apply that knowledge to his work product.  Craig is extremely personable and gains credibility with those he interacts with by providing innovative and strategic sales training, suggestions and recommendations.  We have found him to be very flexible and willing to work around our ever changing schedules and business issues.  He has helped us to develop a strategic, major accounts program and implement a sales team coaching program to improve the performance of our business development staff.  I would highly recommend him to others who want to develop and grow their sales efforts. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
       President, Gould Electric


“Craig has great sales instincts and skills which have been honed into superb business acumen.  When Craig and I first worked together, he sized up the problem quickly, drew upon his years of experience and made innovative recommendations.  The company significantly grew its sales, partner programs and quality of customers. Craig has very high integrity and produces results. He made my business much better, I certainly would use his company again.  Finally, Craig is adaptive and very easy to with.  His style is to work with you as a partner, he makes employees and management feel very comfortable.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative  
       Vice President of Sales, Network Security Systems, Inc.


“Craig has a very intuitive process on helping companies improve their sales and lead generation.  In contrast to some other corporate sales consultants, Craig first does an excellent analysis of ‘why’ your company may be having sales challenges.  He seems to take a how can we fix it if we don’t know what is wrong approach.  He is able to interact with both CEO’s and sales executives with equal ease.  He is one of the few people I know that is able to bridge the gap from senior management to the sales force.  If you are having any challenges with sales results or lead generation I would highly recommend Craig Arnoff and The Sales Alliance.”  
       Regional Director, TechAmerica


“Craig developed and implemented an inside sales training program and lead generation campaign that generated amazing results.  We gained over 100 qualified leads in just a few weeks, and closed several new clients within a few months.  Craig was an excellent sales team coach; I still use some of those golden nuggets 15 years later.  Thanks Craig !!” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative  
       Vice President, Business Development, Logicon


“Craig and I created the Computer and Electronic Marketing Association back in the early 80’s and built it into a large professional association serving individuals in the hi-tech industry.  Craig is tireless, creative, professional and a pleasure to work with.  I also hired Craig to work as a corporate sales consultant and sales training speaker for my staff at the North County Times.  Craig’s training directly resulted in significant sales increases and a more polished sales team.  I will continue to use The Sales Alliance for future my future sales training needs.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value
Associate Publisher, North County Times


“Craig did an excellent job training a group of seasoned and novice sales people on how to find unreachable people and how to sell to difficult people.  Craig kept the training sessions interesting and very interactive.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert  
       Recruiting Manager, Technology Locator Corporation


“Craig’s work is highly valued due to the results that are measurable after his training and involvement.  He fully recognizes that it’s not just the training – it’s the sales team coaching and reinforcement of the new behavior that creates the lasting results which best impacts the bottom line and reduces the turnover experienced by many organizations.  I highly recommend Craig for getting sales AND non-sales professionals to generate more revenue.” Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
        Marshall Stanek, Sales Manager, NCE Corporation


“Thank you for your terrific ideas to reorganize our sales team and their sales compensation programs.  Your professional suggestions and introduction of successful sales techniques have helped us become much more productive and effective.  Our sales team reorganization coupled with the training our team members are receiving from you have given the Chamber a leg up and helped us to continue to be the fastest-growing major Chamber in the country.”
       Max Schetter, Executive Vice President, Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce”


In every respect, the sales training workshop and ongoing support we received from you far exceeded our initial expectations.”
       John Roberts, Owner, RM Solutions


“Your assistance at our firm has been invaluable.  I now have very good insight into successful inside sales techniques and converting pre-sale calls to a solid sale.”
        Andre Thomas, Sales Representative, Stac Electronics


“Your overall materials and practical insight will help us further develop our sales methods and techniques.”
        Bruce Carothers, Vice President, Logicon  

“Thank you for a great sales workshop on Phone Sales Techniques.”
         Werner Miram, Marketing Representative, IBM


“The Phone Sales Techniques Workshop you did for CPU, as well as your sales prospecting program, was excellent in every respect.  All the materials were appropriate for our business.”
       David Bedlow, Sales Representative, CPU Inc.


“As a result of your Phone Sales Techniques program, I am doing a much better job of gaining commitments and closing sales.”
       Carlos Garcia, Sales Representative, Template Graphics Software


“The inside sales tips and tools you provided us will help us solidify our approach to telephone sales calls.”
       Harold F Dreyer, Sales Manager, CCH Computax


“Your sales account planning session helped us focus our attention on the most profitable parts of our business… we are now implementing the sales tools we discussed.”
       Mark Burgess, Owner, Knowledge Works, Inc.


“Your inside sales techniques and training workshops made me aware of what possibilities and directions are available to our salespeople.”
       Tracy D’Acquisto, Sales Director, Loral Terracom


“Craig, thanks for the great strategic sales training!  I got a lot of effective sales tips and techniques.”
       Steve Edwards, Owner, Quill Communications

“The sales training workshop ENB has participated in was very good and will help us to get more sales NOW!”
       Mark Balesteros, Owner, ENB Consultants


“Craig, your customized sales training for our unique needs has been significant in elevating our VAR recruitment program to be the BEST in our field based on the article cited in VAR Business Magazine that rated our Company #1 in two-tier marketing.”
       Steve Nye, President, Network Security Systems, Inc.

“The content and delivery of the customized sales training program you designed for Allenbach was excellent.  I especially liked the sales account planning and analysis tools you presented.”
       Janice Wood, Vice President of Sales, Allenbach Industries



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