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To help client firms significantly boost their sales revenues and attain a high ROI on their Sales Alliance program investment.


General Information

Founded by Craig Arnoff in 1989, The Sales Alliance Inc. has helped over 350 firms implement tailored professional selling skills, phone sales skills and sales management programs that consistently produce results!  We are an alliance of a select group of senior trainers and training firms with proven track records of high client satisfaction and results.

Our job is to make sure managers, sales team members and service professionals have the knowledge, skills and tools needed to surpass their sales goals and build lasting, profitable relationships with clients.  We have transformed sales training into sales empowerment by providing the most effective training, coaching and results-based programs that mesh with our client’s culture and values.

Since the majority of a sales training investment is the cost of lost sales time, many of our programs are tailored to quickly provide the highest-payback sales techniques and minimize the loss of productive sales time.  And we use only the highest quality, experienced sales consultants and trainers to help us execute our mission.  In fact, all of our trainers have over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training and are the actual authors of the course materials used in the sales training sessions!

Our pre-workshop interviews, combined with our optional corporate sales consulting programs and sales process engineering, helps us identify the best sales practices to teach and ensures salesperson and sales management “buy-in” to the sales training.  We define each company’s ideal sales process steps and typically organize all training around each step.  Indeed, defining a repeatable, measurable sales process helps boost success rates, pinpoint areas for immediate improvement, forecast revenues with more accuracy and ramp up new hires quickly.

Each professional selling skills sales training program includes a specific post-training reinforcement plan along with optional sales team coaching training and sales management training seminars.  Firms who have profited from training know that this ongoing reinforcement and coaching is the primary determinant of their long-term results.


Keys to Our Success

Amp up Return on InvestmentBetter Results via Interactive, Application-Oriented Approach:  When sales and service people first try new sales techniques, they are often unsuccessful.  Rather than continue to apply the new techniques, they tend to “scrap” the technique, blame the technique itself for their lack of success and/or try to change the technique.  The end result is that the new technique is often not adopted and salespeople revert back to what they were doing prior to training.  Clearly, this is not the intended outcome.  To combat this tendency, over 50% of our programs content is focused on applying sales processes and techniques learned.  All role-plays are customized to simulate day-to-day sales scenarios based on information gathered in pre-workshop interviews.  In short, salespeople get to practice what they’ve learned right in the training session.


Use of Base Program Minimizes Investment in Customization:  The Sales Alliance customizes all of its programs to client needs based on an extensive library of proprietary sales training materials in which an investment of over $1 million has been made over the last 20 years.  Typically, a custom-designed training program involves 10-30 hours of development time for each 1 hour of course time.  However, by selecting a “base” program to use that has a majority of the materials needed for an effective, customized sales training class, we are able to cut the time investment in curriculum, program and materials design and production to less than 5 hours for each hour of training.


Programs Designed for Superior Return on Investment:   While The Sales Alliance cannot project what ROI our clients will realize from their investment in sales training, our clients who have implemented both the initial training programs and follow-on coaching activities have realized impressive sales improvements.


Commitment to Sales Results:   We’re focused on significantly enhancing client sales team performance, not merely developing and delivering sales training.  We constantly are looking for ways to boost sales results whether they be sales process improvements, training reinforcement suggestions, motivation/compensation tools, hiring and assessment tools or candid feedback to our clients.


Low-Volume, High-Quality Focus:   We’ve purposely kept our company small in order to provide high-quality service to our select group of clients.  Although we may have a lead time to get started with a client, we generally work with no more than 2-3 clients at a time in order to concentrate our efforts on achieving and exceeding their goals.


Organized to Provide Extraordinary Value:  With low overhead and marketing costs (since we operate primarily on referrals), we are able to charge less-than-market rates for senior-level sales trainers and curriculum designers.  And all of our senior trainer/consultants have more than 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, customer service and training.  A number of our national accounts have shifted their sales training and curriculum development work away from larger firms (at rates 50-100% higher) to The Sales Alliance.  Having achieved superior sales improvements with a lower investment, these firms continue to use and benefit from our programs and services.


Expert Sales Trainers and Curriculum Designers:  Few sales training firms are able to provide more experienced sales trainers or ones who has authored as many sales courses for Fortune 1000 companies.  Part of what makes Craig Arnoff and the other Sales Alliance trainers different is that they are not just trainers, they also actively sell Sales Alliance services on an ongoing basis.  Moreover, we have an in-house, PhD-level curriculum designer to ensure effective program design and superior sales improvements.


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Sales Training Programs | Sales Courses