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12 Ways to Boost Sales Training Results


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Twelve Ways to Boost Sales Training Program Results

  1. Select a sales trainer who knows or who is willing to invest the time it takes to learn your business and assess your people.  Remember, low knowledge = low credibility,  lessening his or her ability to help salespeople boost sales!
  2. Base the sales training program on the optimal sales process for your business.  The sales training program should use existing or newly-innovated sales best practices that have proven to be successful in your business.
  3. Gain “buy in” prior to the sales training program.  Effective sales trainers will interview your staff prior to training them to understand their individual needs and gain their buy in to what’s being taught.
  4. Tailor all course materials.  When salespeople perceive the sales training program to be “canned” and they spot sections that are not relevant to their business, they often perceive the entire program to be irrelevant.
  5. Spread out the training.  Providing salespeople time in between training sessions helps them practice what they’ve learned, ask the trainer for help when new techniques are not working for them and retain the knowledge longer.
  6. Require salespeople to attend all sessions of the sales training program.  Creative methods, such as tying learning objectives to compensation and incentives, may be useful.
  7. Commit sales managers to 100% attendance so that they can observe their salespeople and note skills bottlenecks.
  8. Develop a follow on coaching and reinforcement plan.   Permanent learning and behavior change occur over time and through repetition.  That’s exactly why post-training coaching is essential for long-term success.
  9. Provide the sales manager with management and coaching training.
  10. Create an optimized sales process and track each sales rep’s performance against the company average.    This provides a quick way to identify bottlenecks in each salesperson’s sales cycles.
  11. Consider using short-term incentives to boost sales activities such as cold calling.
  12. Provide a similar sales training program to non-sales staff to ensure consistent customer experiences with your firm.

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