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Sales managers are consumed with attending management meetings, preparing budgets and reports, assisting with closing transactions, hiring and planning. Since these tasks take up a considerable amount of time, they are not often available to their team as a sales coach.  Yet providing sales coaching has been shown to enhance sales results.  Sales managers who can take a sales team to the next performance level are the ones that companies value and PAY the most! One of the best ways to improve individual sales performance is to provide each rep with a sales coach and ensure that coaching doesn’t take a “back seat” to other priorities deemed to be more “urgent.”


Ideas for Effective Sales Coaching

1 – Ask each salesperson to assess and share with the sales coach his/her strengths and weaknesses.

2 – Focus on a limited number of improvement areas when you coach people on sales calls.

3 – End each sales coaching session with a plan of action and set an appointment for the next session.

4 – Spend a good amount of your available time with good performers to gain optimum sales leverage.
In many instances, great sales coaches are made, not born. So, if you need sales coaching training, ask for it (and ask us for a proposal).  But do not make the mistake of skipping this all-too-important function.  After all, many sales managers can attend meetings, do budgets, etc., but few can substantially raise the performance of others.

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