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10 Ways to Shorten Sales Cycles



  1. Get Better Prospects: Analyze your past wins to isolate the characteristics present in short sales cycles. Then find new prospects who have many of these same characteristics.
  2. Improve Your Selling Process:  Better qualify each prospect to ensure she has a compelling need and that your firm is a good fit
  3. Ask Better Questions: Uncovering decision makers, buying processes and potential obstacles early on will often result in shorter sales cycles.
  4. Pre-plan Each Sales Call: Pre-planned calls often lead to more prospect commitments and higher closing rates.
  5. Focus on Value: Present a value proposition that shows the prospect that waiting or delaying a decision can cost them a lot of money
  6. Sell High: Create a selling process and value proposition that creates decision-maker access.  Selling to decision makers generally yields quicker sales and lower price sensitivity!
  7. Be Strategic: Creating an account capture plan that helps clients achieve their strategic goals is a proven method for shortening sales cycles.
  8. Enlist Inside Help: Getting a “champion” within the prospect firm will maximize your sales effectiveness while shortening decision time frames.
  9. Focus on the Business Case: Prospects who can easily cost-justify your solution buy more quickly than those who can’t.
  10. Magnify Urgency: Tap into and strengthen the prospect’s sense of urgency in order to make the purchase a priority.

Indeed, compressed sales cycles free up selling time and allow reps to handle more opportunities and boost their results. Since extended sales cycles lead to lower closing rates and wasted time, salespeople and managers alike should aggressively implement a selling process proven to shorten them!


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